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Big Five Glories

Free black and white movies on Big Five Glories

Real classic movies in black and white, color films or even silent films. Some of the movies on Big Five Glories could easily be twice of your age. What you'll find are movie treasures from the 1910's to the 1970's.

Big Five Glories is free and provides you with almost forgotten movies. They do have movies of all the known genres with great actors like Charles Bronson, John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Charles Chaplin, Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy or Jerry Lewis. A nice tribute to Classic Movies.

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Range and Features

  • Free classic movies.
  • 1910's to 1970's.
  • Silent, black-white and color.

Find movies such as

  • At War With The Army, Comedy (1950).
  • Night of the Living Dead, Horror (1968).
  • The Phantom Planet, Sci-fi (1961).
  • Vengeance Valley, Western (1951).
  • Jungle Book, Adventure (1942).


They have a list of highest rated and lowest rated movies on the start page. However, the largest selection you'll find by choosing a button from the top: Movies - that's divided in the years from 1910 to 1970, silent films and color films. Explore - divided in 12 genres.
Unfortunately some of the classic movies are not available in certain countries.

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