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The principal objective of the Hitflicks website is to make it easier for Internet users to find movie portals and free movies online. However, we do not claim to have listed all free providers, but rather inform about free movie portals with comprehensive quality content, clarity, user-friendliness and we try to keep the information up to date. We wish you fun and exciting entertainment.

The star rating system

To rate a website is easy and allowed to every sincere user. Please consider all conditions and try to rate reasonable so that the following users can use the info to easily find the best sites. The rating system is provided by Get free premium widgets for your blog and website.

What do I need to watch movies?

Most computers are already equipped with the necessary software. However, if problems arise; make sure that cookies are accepted by your browser (if desired, you can delete all cookies right after your movie session). Also JavaScript must be enabled in the browser, same as Flash Player – the browser add on can be downloaded for free at

Why does the movie not start?

Many movie websites show their Videos in certain countries only and block out all visitors from other countries. For example is currently available to visitors within the US only. To solve this problem read 'access any website' further down. For other problems try the following:

  • Check that JavaScript and Flash Player are enabled in your browser.
  • If you are using an ad blocker, disable it and try again.
  • Clear the cookies from your browser history.
  • If the relevant server is currently unavailable or overloaded, try again later.

After each attempt reload the Internet page and try starting the Video again. If it still doesn’t work, chances are the Video was deleted or the related link is not working.

Access any website!

"Sorry, currently our video library can only be watched from within the United States" - annoying, isn't it? Well, some movie providers don't want people to access their videos from outside of the country of origin. Possibly they let you access different content, fewer content or they block you out completely.
One thing you can try is Hola! ( a Virtual Private Network (VPN), anonymous, more secure and gives you access to any place at any time! Hola is completely free and can be used with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. After you installed the Hola browser extension, simply click on the icon in your browser, choose the country where the particular website is located and enjoy unrestricted access.

The movie is slow or stutters.

This can happen on slower Internet connections, or if thousands of users access the related server simultaneously (overload). Often it is sufficient to click on pause and to wait a few minutes. Then the film gets buffered temporarily. By clicking on playback again, the temporary file will resume while the data stream from the Internet continues to download in advance.

The advertising is annoying!

Free movie websites usually finance their services by advertising. Unfortunately, sometimes this gets greatly exaggerated with advertising pop-ups and ads in automatically opening browser windows. The use of an ad blocker helps a lot and increases the positive user experience. However, you should be aware that most free web content is financed by advertising and would no longer be possible if such ad blockers are used permanently.

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